The Slumber









I looked upon the scene in front

each step I took it brought me

closer to the gate and

broken walls so worn

and fragile were

they as I approached.


These decayed trees with hung

branches laying limp from

thirst they could not taste

of water dried from dead

roots and moisture

sucked from their veins.


My depression was chaotic a sense

of ruin overhung me as fear

gripped my soul and my

breath hung in limp air

looking back at me with

despair as it’s veil and

icy touch left me with

a sinking feeling

penetrating my heart.


It was an unnerving sensation I felt

drawing me closer and closer yet

further apart from her beckoning

call could it be her my lost twin

my other part of self my Lenore

calling through the darkened



Had she been buried alive in

this mortuary of the dammed

or was her mere mortality

just a sham or the

boundary which divides

life from death simply lost

in shadows that only heaven

bound can see and not cast

away buried souls without their

silver cord attached to the other side.


Oh she sleeps the deep sleep of slumber

so lasting evermore for my Lenore

I weep for thee as I approach your

marker chipped and bleeding lost

in time broken and leaning on it’s side.


Fed to the worms who gnaw at your

sweet flesh and creep about your

coffin worn and torn you lay there

composed with beauty still

radiant in peaceful slumber

triumphant as once was over

death yet sickly dying inside

that brought on your demise.


I wished she had a tomb of golden

arches and stately gate secure

and locked her coffin raised

on pedestal so high that no

creatures of the earth or

night could touch her beauty

as she rested in deep sleep

awaiting her sweetheart of

her fragile life.


I bowed my head so heavy was

it from the weight on my soul standing

over my Lenore I said a silent prayer

and saw the light under my boots

set off a glow and knew she heard

my words uttered in silence she

whispered back take care my love

I await thee on the other side of

Hell a place angelic with choirs

only I can hear until together we

shall share our love in eternity.


I slowly looked up and placed her

rose upon the stone and quietly

left that place of rest for my Lenore.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved


The Slumber — 8 Comments

    • Thank you very much Exotic for your beautiful words, yes loved survives even after separation by death, for eternity is eternal, I truly believe we meet our loved ones again when we pass over to the other side to continue our journey.

  1. Thank you Wayne, I try my best to use as much imagery that appears before my mind as my thoughts roam from Muse to page. I want my readers to see what I see and feel. Much appreciate your kind review Wayne.

    • I am so please when I read that my work moves one to tears, I have accomplished something in my poetry by moving you my reader, now let me wipe those tears from your eyes ever so gently. Hugs

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