Tonight in the Silence

Tonight in the Silence

Tonight in the Silence










Of my restless dreams

my heart beats for thee at

the break of each

mornings dawn.


An open window captures

a glimpse of your beauty

that whispers back to me

like the melting dew,

slipping off the green leaf

of summers end.


I watch you standing, hidden

in the shadows with your back

to me, knowing I am lost in

the sounds of silence, of your

breathless beauty.

In this silence you call to

Me, like whispers in the wind,

and I come to your side, for

both of us lonely, our searching

has come to an end as we slip into

each other’s arms knowing

we’ve got tonight.


We blow out the candle closing the

sash not letting a world into ours

to disturb the echo of silence,

to this our perfect pleasure,

so given to us to share and not

be stolen by stealers

of hearts.


We know we belong together,

tis written in the stars,

lonely and longing, who

needs tomorrow when

we have the night’s silence.


Welcomed with a kiss,

sweetly embraced with

chills to our naked bodies,

entwined beneath

each other’s breast,

We’ve got tonight

both of us lonely.


© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.




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