Trinity Rite of Passage

Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist Church










Rite of Passage

This is where it all began!  A change was to take place,

a movement of the heart, a baptismal of spirit and soul

united as they say, becoming one?


You see, up until meeting his last bride, he was a

Catholic baptized at birth, sprinkled and crossed and

prayed upon by the local priest and sent off a

new babe in Christ.


Here in this building a welcoming and fellowship

was brewing, he was drawn in and hands laid upon,

in prayer and worshiping to chase out the sin they

said he hath within him.


The congregation jumped, and danced, and sang

with arms flaying, worshiping, pointed up and

singing Hallelujahs to their king.


He stood there with his expectant new bride to

be and wondered what the h#@* he was doing

among these Baptists who want to set him free.


They said sir, in order to be saved a child you

can’t be, for a child at birth has no words to ask

for everlasting forgiveness for all of eternity.


He scratched his head and rolled his eyes as they

circled around him laying hands upon his person

and uttering in strange tongues, and wanting

a conversion.


Confused and surprised standing in the tub,

all the sins of his past would wash off and

cleanse him, every last one, what were

they thinking?


His thirst for this savior was immediate, he

dried himself off, stepped out of the tub, went

straight to the college of biblical studies to

prove everyone that his belief was secure

and the only one.


All others were cults and he would follow

only one. What was he thinking?


Years passed, a marriage failed, children

lost, he slid out of the baptismal waters

of this trinity, back to his birth water

sprinkled thumb mark left by the priest

of his father’s Catholic Church.


The cross follows him even today,

but he has a fear for water.


Copyright 2013 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved.

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