Two Glasses Two Hearts



Shared wine, sipped by lips that cling to each other’s edge,

two vessels half full, yet wanting fulfillment within.

Their hearts beating as one, their touches silent in the night.


Wine the nectar that binds, cures all sadness, sipped and

nourishing our souls, the gods weep if the grape is sour.

High above the heavens their throne sits beside the brook

that runs red with golden grapes.


Blood red, tasting the grape a romance in the vine that

clings for life on the slopes of heaven. An angel met me

half way between heaven and hell, she revealed herself as

my twin, my zodiacal equal in so many ways, bound to

each other, like the grape, we cling, we savor, we taste

the sweetness of ages.


Touching in the dark, finding each other’s pulse.

Two souls have met, the long and winding road comes to

its end, no more detours taking us off track from

finding each other.


We meet and share a glass or two of the grape that

binds all. Memories are buried, lost forever, all abuse

fades as we are absorbed like the mist over a season.


She has risen indeed, found me, our searching has ended,

together now we sit clenching our glasses, quenching our

thirst for each other, slipping closer the bar stools touch,

we know that now is the time to leave the glasses of

vintage red linger awhile, as we slip into each other’s

arms and into the chill of winters frost.

© Copyright 2016 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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