Unbearable Silence



Not a word was said, nor a tear shed

when she left me standing there alone

vulnerable and lost in my

miserable thoughts.


We shared a look that penetrated each

others heart and soul, knowing it was the end

friends we proclaimed led to being lovers with

death do us part vows spoken out loud.


And now we stand at the last threshold of

calling it the end, no pretenses just deep

Convictions of lost time and jealous hearts.


Oh why must it end, losing your best friend

and lover of many years, is this really me

standing in her presence, bowed over like

a Samurai warrior  plunging his sword

knowing the fall had ended as his blood

was given up to winters bitter cold.


Now my spirit soars like an eagle in flight

lost forever to the winds of time, chasing

my ghost from earlier pasts, tears still

flowing, dropping like ice cycles

piercing all broken hearts.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved.


Unbearable Silence — 19 Comments

    • I wouldn’t have wished that experience on my worst enemy. But time has healed most of the pain, I only have the scars now and I’m moved on. Every once in awhile though, bad memories tend to come to the surface

  1. Powerful poem, Vincent! You describe the terrible anguish of such moments very well. This one will linger awhile…

    • Yes it has lingered a little too long for this poet. However the past is the past and one must move forward and leave those ugly things behind. Thank you for your words.

  2. Yes my dear Nellieanna, dangling indeed. Lingering to be exact, I bare the scars. Yet I’ve come a long way from when that happened, I’ve learned to live in peace with myself and my surroundings. Like you I live alone and keep smelling the roses and pursuing life and all it has to offer, we may be older, but we have our beautiful minds to share our work with others from. Hugs

  3. Words woven so intricately as only their master can,
    With Empathy,delicacy, expressively from this man,
    T’was only in the living it thoroughly as these words show,
    Experience taught well, the writer as all who read now Know.

    You’ve not lost the gift, my friend! Indeed you’ve chosen rather to share them with us, your audience,
    And admiration well earned as well as respect is paid as well it should be, Master Vincent Moore!

    • Thank you Mike once again for your very kind words. Those were indeed troubling times for me, divore is ugly no matter how we slice it. It cost me dearly emotionally and I know I have never recovered fully from the loss of someone I truly loved, but could no longer live with. I sacrificed my children by leaving and its been many years now without them in my life, except for one loayl son. I pray one day to have them all in my life before I leave this earth, but only time will tell. And if our God allows it then so be it. My door has always been open, I await like the loving shepard to his flock. Peace and blessings I send to you and yours this eve.

  4. Tears filled my eyes as I read this Vincent. I am in this place of trying to let go ~ but I D O N ‘ T W A N T TO. Why, why, why do we love what hurts us so? I cannot take in a peaceful breath if I am in that moment thinking of letting him go. I choke on the air as it tries so hard to fill my lungs, and I have no concious desire to let it pass. I don’t know how something beautiful turns out to just gut you.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Truthfully, there is comfort derived from knowing we do not experience these things alone. Thank you so much.

    • Bella Nina I am sad to read of your struggles with love, I was there, I lost much. I wanted to always stay in love and never lose the woman I admired so much and loved. But sadly it was not to be for many complicated reasons, too many to scribe here my friend. I pray that you find peace and that beuaty returns to your life. No we are never alone, too many are divorcing these days, it almost pays never to marry, simply share together from different abodes and meet at designated agreed upon times and places and do the sleepover things periodically:-)) Peace and blessings I send to you this eve.

  5. So incredibly beautiful in the way you have written such sad words.
    Stunning, in fact.
    So real, I could feel the pain.
    Wishing you well as always.

    • Yes haven’t we though Mike? Many of us have had our fair share. Thank you for the visit and sharing this moment with me.

  6. I’ve managed to miss this one, Vincent. An error I’m glad to have rectified! Many have been down this path but few can express it as eloquently as you have here. The question of how did we get here, the sense of lost time and regret resonate with me. I suspect it does with many others as well.

    • Rick so nice to see you here, I hope all is well. I haven’t seen you much on FB lately either. I pray that your inspirations are still flowing to you from your Muse. Yes this piece was a very personal expression of grief for me. I lost my wife and 4 children a number of years ago, it affected all of us. I never married to divorce and it came as a disaster to me when it occurred. Marriage should be a forever thing, but so many are breaking up these days, oh how I wish we were able to have kept ours in tact. It became a war of the roses and we both paid a heavy price for ending it. Thank you my poetic friend for your visit, I appreciate you and your work, you are a gifted poet Rick.

  7. It took me seven years to try to put the pain of a 20 year marriage behind me. It’s like experiencing a death. It’s a very long journey to heal isn’t it. When the destiny of your marriage is out of your hands, it feels like nothing will take the negative feelings away. Panic, rage, numbness … There is the despair that is it really over and the hope that just maybe it may be restored. Utter conflict of the mind! After many, many years the pain seems to dissipate but there is so much mental rehashing as we continue to live and wonder how we got from go to woe! In the end, yes we have to let go to move on to find hope and even possible happiness. But our minds still bear the mental scars! Well expressed. Cheryl Woods…

    • Thank you Cheryl for your comments. Yes indeed it takes often a lifetime to put certain aspects of our past behind us. For many they never do. Although I live with my past, I don’t live in it any longer and I don’t let it live in me to get the better of me. I have my tough days like most who fight with their pasts, I am able to get away from it as well. I fear for you though, with your medical condition, it’s an ongoing struggle and I’m sorry to read it from you. All we can do is live in the moment and do our best to love and persevere. I pray that life will improve for you and your son. You need a miracle intervention for sure. Hugs

  8. Not sure if anyone else actually used the word, ‘Divorce’, but this piece evokes emotions from that experience for me. 18 years of my life spent in turmoil thinking I could change someone and being too young to understand that wasn’t going to happen. You described the parting very eloquently. Even when you know it is time, it is one of the most painful experiences a person can endure. Very good work Vincent.

    • Yes it was a very disturbing time in my life back in 1998 when I walked out that home, never to return. I too had the same problem, trying to change someone who could not be. It was the saddest day of my life, leaving my 4 children, knowing that their mother and I were heading for the divorce courts and nothing could change that direction. I’ve gone through hell over the past 14 years and I wish it not on my worst enemies. I vowed never to marry again, so here I am single lonely at times, but never alone. I enjoy my solitude, some close friendships and writing of course. I’m sorry to read that you went through similar circumstances. Although I know you found your soul mate and you are one fortunate person.

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