A Walkway Within A Dream


A Walkway

A Walkway









I am led to this walkway and drawn to

what may lay beyond this wet and misty

hidden place.


As beams of light cast shadows upon its

inviting entrance I stop for a minute to

savor and enjoy a moment’s pleasure,

seeing beyond I squint my eyes hoping

to have revealed to me a mystery

beyond time itself.


A very thin image is reflected back to

me, a lady in white so beautiful and

gracefully shy beckons me with her

hand held out to me, come to me she

gestures with a smile that only

an angel casts upon mortals such

as this poet.


I begin my spiritual journey by

stepping very slowly on the slippery

yet safe wooden floor covered with

life and warmth reaching out to me

with each step I take.


Feeling her spirit all around me

I am not afraid, safety is not my worry,

I am lost in her as she leads me to a

place defying all logic, where life

is thriving, gardens are plenty,

ocean tides coming and going,

every type of animal and lush

greenery living and coexisting

beside each others peacefulness.


Like a Lions mighty mane her

flowing black hair matches the

starlight and moonbeams radiating

from her heart and soul and

porcelain skin.


Oh how I am lost but unafraid,

yet feeling led to heavens gate,

I simply follow the mist, the

gentle rain and sunbeams lighting

my way with this Lady by my side.

I am taken to the hall of choirs

and music so resonant it fills my

ears and carries my soul to the

throne where sits my maker.


I am judged and granted a place

amongst the Holy choir of angels

to share what I’ve known to be the

truth. Hallelujah I am home. I was

lost and now I’m found as the

mist drew me to its path

of righteousness.
© Copyright Vincent Moore . All Rights Reserved

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