Where Have the Children Gone



The streets and playgrounds are empty,

we see no children at play,

no children there?


The whispers, giggles and laughter echo

empty halls with hungry eyes for learning

without fear.


Teachers teach and kids with mothers and

fathers not to far away knowing themselves

that fear lurks because there are no

children there.


Terror has entered the school yard and

hallways of higher learning and children

can be heard sobbing in a blank stare as

a gunman’s insanity haunts the halls

with his guns blazing.


The angels watch in horror and prepare

the children to be before their father as

they perish rushing around wandering

hopelessly looking for shelter and

protection by a teacher who is not there.


The gunman shoots and doesn’t care

who he takes with bullets blasting in

kindergarten classes on the main floor.


There use to be children here and we

adults will feel forevermore the loss,

pain,suffering left as victims from

this madness and insanity of a gunman

barely a man who took these

children away from us this day.


God bless those children who were

lost on a tragic day when God cursed

the devil for sending his madness to

a school to harm the children.

Where have the children gone?


This poet weeps for all the lost children,

teachers and families left to mourn

on such a tragic day.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.



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